John Lear reveals more stories about Dulce, undeground bases and more!!

Dr. J interviewed John Lear live on 07-27-2016 Catch it live at 7pm-9pm PST, 10pm-12am EST, 3am-5am GMT right here or go to the website at Interact with the live show here: – we monitor the chat room there. Go to and check the show’s archives with top guests right here on this channel,...
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Bases 49 Stewart Swerdlow Mind Control

Stewart Swerdlow gives a rare interview, from London on the origins of Mind Control, and the major new players in the Game. The use of the giant colliders to create gates so that the existing so called “Illuminati” theafdoms can make the earth the centre of new galactic and inter universe OUR expense. The new force now gathering just outside the solar system, and using the...
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Greys, UFO Landing, Kingley Vale Sussex [A re load]

Re loaded by Exopolitics Hong Kong this strange film was suddenly pulled from YouTube recently. The film is about the landing of Grey ETs witnessed by two anonymous folk who allegedly interacted with the craft and caught film of the inside of the UFO on their camera. The pictures are quite intriguing and the case, as I understand it, is still ongoing. Beams investigations/Ken Pearson is the...
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